Residential Investment plots in Lucknow

Residential Investment plots in Lucknow

Lucknow is most preferred location these days for real estate investment for realty buyers belongs to East part of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. People from these location very keen to invest thier money in Residential Investment plots in Lucknow.

Keeping Real Estate / Property in their Investment mix portfolio is now a trend among young and smart investors. They understand the importance of mix portfolio managment and diversified investment. For property investment they prefers residential plots in lucknow for investment.

Location and Amenties offered by the township is very critical in case of attraction for buyers and investment. these investors always looking for residential plots in lucknow at prime locations. because location is the gurantee of appreciation in land rates.

During last 2 years Residential plots in Kisan path Lucknow are registering highest visitors. as per plan kisan path is bisecting lucknow in circle and in future complete heavy trafic will routed through kisan path only which ensures the offered Investment plots in kisan path a excellent connectivity among rest important destinations / landmarks of lucknow city.

Residential plots near Purvanchal expressway is another hot choice of Mid segment property buyers. Purvanchal expressway / Lucknow Ballia Expressway is connect end to end lucknow to ballia district while many important districts of east up also connected or touchpoint in thier way. Plots near Purvanchal expressway Lucknow  / plots near Lucknow ballia expressway showing great traction especially buyers belongs to faizabad / gorakhpur, varanasi/ ghazipur/ ballia / azamgarh /Mau /Ghosi / Ambedkar nagar etc.

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Ekana Mall Lucknow – Commercial hotspot for Realty buyers !

Ekana Mall LucknowCommercial hotspot for Realty buyers !

Ekana mall is the Latest Commercial venture of Ekana sportz pvt ltd. in Lucknow spread over approx 65+ acres of land across Gomti nagar Extension Sec 7, Amar shaheed path Lucknow.

In Commercial venture Ekana mall lot of buying opportunities availiable for Mid segment and Small realty buyers as shops in Ekana mall for sale along with brand showroom spaces in Ekana mall, Food court & Office spaces in ekana mall also available for buying.

Ekana mall Lucknow presents multiple options for investors in their commercial space sale in gomti nagar extension options. Small investor looking for commercial properties in gomti nagar extension which yeilds a consistent and good rental value in long term can be fullfilled through buying office space in ekana mall gomti nagar extension offerings.

Traders / Manufacturers looking for commercial retail shops in Lucknow gomti nagar extension for retail show casing of products can go for shops in ekana mall Lucknow to fullfill their needs also the Big brand manufacturers and brand traders looking for exclusive commercial spaces in Lucknow  suitable for their brand showroom space in gomti nagar extension lucknow can find commercial spaces in ekana mall gomti nagar extension as suitable one because this space will drive huge footfall also in coming time due to their strategic location and surrounding like Ekana stadium and upcoming ekana housing/ residential projects.

Ekana mall is already surrounded by multiple large group housing societies and IT Hub and lot of Government establishments which already drives a lot of footfall in surronding areas of Ekana mall Gomti nagar extension setor 7 Lucknow. the Food court spaces in ekana mall Lucknow will be hotspot for retailers and investers dealing in food and hospitality related ventures. big brands franchise and retail outlets are expected in the food court spaces in ekana mall gomti nagar extension.

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3 BHK Villas in Amar Shaheed path for sale

Villas in Amar shaheed path for sale !

LDA and LIDA Approved gated township “The Hive” launched by Hive Infra developers in Lucknow.  Location of township is very prime and offering 3 BHK Villas in Gomti nagar extension adjacent to Amar shaheed path Lucknow.

The Hive villas gomti nagar extension lucknow is availiable in Duplexes with land plots area is 864 SQFT and Build up area is 1640 SQFT.  Construction  quality is superb and Hive villas are studed with luxury fittings and other amenities.

Currently Demand of Villas in Gomti nagar extension Lucknow is huge these days and “The Hive Lucknow” is one of the finest choice for Villa buyers looking for luxury villas in Lucknow.

These 3 BHK villas in Amar shaheed path is one of the finest residential destinations in lucknow in coming days because the Hive gated township is offering all basic amenties and obviously the location is the prime attraction for buyers.

SBI is offering loan for buyers of  The Hive villas in Lucknow.

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Increase in Lucknow Property demand !

Lucknow real estate market is growing with substancial pace as we se consistent growth in demand of property in Lucknow city. Due to Capital of Uttar pradesh state the infrastructure devlopment and other amenities like power / water / education/ health care / business and employment opportunities is better than othe location of state is the main reason behind this demand growth.

The Migrated population of UP is showing interest in High rise Apartments in Lucknow and to cater thei needs the real estate developers of lucknow offering Luxury Aparments / Affordable flats / Duplex Apartments / penthouses to cater the needs of Meto buyers.

Buyers belongs to Easter part of Uttar pradesh showing interest more in Villas in Lucknow or row houses in Lucknow. there is a saying in easter up ” apna zameen apna assmaan” basically the traditional buyers are more inclined towards land ownership with low rise housing options.

Even a large chunk of buyers fom eastern part are looking for residential land plots in lucknow so that they can construct their home as per their own custom reuqirements. peole fom eastern part migrating to lucknow for better education fo their childrens and expecting a better living environment in lucknow so they planned and buy the residential plots for sale in lucknow in advance to ensure complishment of their housing plans in Lucknow in due course of time.

Farm houses in lucknow are also getting popular as holiday homes !!  Farm houses are becaming  a preffered choice as  2nd home option among rich people and business class where the expect a certain level of privacy as well as natural beauty across their property.

Commercial properties are also catching up and studio apartments in lucknow are also getting a popular choice for investment. Serviced apartments in Lucknow are getting popular becauses of assured lease option offered by builder to buyers even Selling concept of hotel apartments in lucknow are also in buying trends in these days due to high commercial returns !


Amar Shaheed path – next residential hub in Lucknow !

Human Expectations  have no limits. But these can be satisfied up to a certain extent. Some are looking  for  luxuries and others  expecting uniqueness. Different types of  homebuyers have different requirements and desires .In Lucknow one thing is common every 2nd buyer is looking for Apartments / Flats in Amar shaheed path for buying .

Especially in the traditional cities like City of Nawabs  Lucknow ! which are Looking forward to experience High rise premium living and quality housing, buyers are expecting a lot with the Best Property Builders in Lucknow to offer unique, modern and Luxurious in every aspect.

Residential properties are available everywhere in Lucknow but the futuristic vision of real estate investing push the realty buyers towards  properties for sale in Amar shaheed path

Possession ready Apartments in Amar shaheed path

. During last 10 years almost 90% of new infra development take place around Amar shaheed path and that’s the main reason behind the high demand of flats / Apartments in Amar shaheed path .

Recent time we see quite steady Increase in demand of Ready to Move / Ready Possession Apartments in Amar shaheed Path . vice versa Approximately 600+ Units of Ready to move flats for sale in Amar shaheed path show how realty developers are prepared their self to meet out upcoming residential needs at amar shaheed path in coming time as demand will increase as International cricket stadium is going host more cricket matched in coming season.

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